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At Junk Car Cash Out, we have an exclusive sell my junk car program. Just as it says, this program is specifically for individuals that have junk cars that they want to sell. Getting top dollar for your unwanted vehicle is as easy as a mouse click or a phone call away. Conveniently fill out the form to your right and get a competitive offer on your junk car or truck. Let us show you how this works…

People have said to me, “Tim, I want to sell my junk car but I do not think that it is an actual junk car…it’s way too new”. Many people have expressed these same concerns over and over and my answer to them is always the same, we buy ANY unwanted cars or trucks. From an outsider’s point of view, I can see how our sell my junk car program can be a little confusing. Many people run into a situation where they find themselves with a newer vehicle that cost too much to fix for what the car is worth, but they would not classify that car or truck as a junk car. To keep things simple here at junkcarcashout.com, we classify ANY car or truck that is either unwanted, or has repair costs that are too costly, as a junk car. The good news for you is if your car is newer or a collectible, we pay more MONEY!

That’s right. Your newer car or truck might be a little too expensive to fix but it does not mean that it is worthless. Fill out our convenient form and you will see that we can pay much more for your newer junk car or truck than just your typical run-of-the-mill junk car. In doing this, you will see that you will be avoiding all kinds of headaches by trying to sell your broken down vehicle on your own. Basically, other websites and vehicles sales locations do not have a sell my junk car program like ours. It is very frustrating to put your car or truck on the internet for more than a month only to find out that no one is going to give you top dollar for a car or truck that has issues. We don’t care about that! After a couple of questions we can give you an instant offer on you vehicle and have it gone within twenty four hours, sometimes even sooner! We leave you with CASH in hand and a smile on your face. Our Utah cash for cars program has presented our company and our affiliates with opportunities to purchase junk cars ranging from age 1935 to 2013. Like I said, we buy ANY unwanted car or truck.

So whether you have a 1989 Ford Escort or a 2012 Chevy Camaro, we can buy your vehicle. All you have to say to your self is I am ready to sell my junk car and we can do the rest. Read some of our customer reviews!

So please don’t wait and don’t despair! Click on our link and let us get that unwanted vehicle out of your hair. Thanks for your business and we will speak with you soon!

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